Guidelines For Contributing To Our Blog

Every journalist and writer must abide by these guidelines that we have established. Make sure that your content satisfies all of the criteria outlined in our guidelines for guest posts before submitting it.


Only articles that are close to 500 words in length will be considered for acceptance. If you send us an article that is longer than one thousand words, we may decide to split it up.


You can make your article easier to read by breaking it up into paragraphs as you write it. Each paragraph needs to have between three and four lines. Your article will become not only easier to read but also more appealing as a result of this change.


We appreciate your uniqueness. When contributing to guest blogs, you should make sure that your thoughts and words reflect your own. Naturally, it is possible to gain motivation or ideas from other people; however, it is intolerable to span or copy-paste the work of others. At General Time, we are grateful for your attention to detail. Therefore, don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts and opinions to the rest of the world.

Add Media

The addition of visual graphics to your article can make it appear more appealing and attractive to the reader. You have the option of including a variety of media formats—such as photographs, videos, maps, tweets, or audio interviews—in your article. However, you should be wary of copyright claims before using any form of media.

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