Can CBD Get You High? Here’s What Experts Believe

To ease anxiety or help you sleep, you could try CBD chewable or hemp oil. Experts weigh in on whether you could get high.

Your Mind And CBD

Are you averse to the idea of using CBD oil and hemp CBD gummies as an anxiety treatment or a sleeping aid? Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the two most common active ingredients in cannabis.

We can be certain of one thing: There isn’t a CBD high. It might make it a bit easier to have less anxiety.

Commonalities Between CBD And THC

THC is the best-studied of the more than 100 cannabinoids discovered in Cannabis. Cannabis, Sativa and its cousin, cannabis, both contain high levels of THC. However, marijuana is more potent than its cousin. Hemp, which can have no more than 0.3 percent THC, is legal to grow. It’s used in making ropes, paper, and many other things.

Does CBD Get You High?

Are cbd gummies high? Many people claim it helps with anxiety and sleep. THC alone does not cause the euphoria, paranoia, or even psychosis that THC causes. Some evidence suggests that CBD can counteract the potential negative effects of THC.

“Cannabidiol is a very strange drug. It doesn’t work like THC in any way. It kind of works in opposition. And we don’t understand how CBD is working in our brains to give people the amazing effects they claim.

Can CBD Make It Difficult To Pass A Drug Screen?

CBD doesn’t cause you to feel high but full-spectrum CBD can contain enough THC that it can be detected in a urine or hair test.

You should avoid full-spectrum CBD products if you’re concerned about failing a drug test. These CBD products have a wider range of molecules than other CBD products and contain trace amounts of THC.

Mixed Evidence Regarding Health Benefits

It is not always that you  get high from CBD. There are some reasons to believe CBD may have mental health benefits.

Experts warn there’s a big distinction between prescription CBD and CBD products that are everywhere. Researchers are testing high doses of CBD. This could mean that they can test up to 50mg per kilogram of weight daily, which is approximately 3,400mg of CBD per day. The average CBD gummy could contain 5 mg. It is even more troubling that you may not know the exact contents of CBD-containing products.

The Bottom Line

While CBD does have some promise in treating anxiety and pain, as well as improving sleep, there is limited evidence. Experts warn against CBD because of the uncertainty surrounding its potential to interact with other drugs, as well as the lack of data. Your doctor should be notified if you decide that CBD is something you want to try. Women who are pregnant or nursing should not use CBD or THC.