Different Kind OF Pull Handles

Door pull handles are great for passage doors and other doors that can only be opened by pushing or pulling. The following handle options are available:

Pull Handle On Rose

They are often fitted to a round rose and give a modern and elegant appearance to any door.

Pull Handle On A Backplate

This d handle has a traditional appearance and can be used on internal or external single and/or double doors. These pull handles can be used commercially with engraved “pull”, and “push,” plates.

Back-To-Back Pull Handles

These handles can be used on both the entrance and interior doors. They are ideal for offices, restaurants, and commercial buildings.

Bolt Through Pull Hands

This pull handle type features a bolt that passes through the door and then is fixed with a nut on the opposite side.

Face Fix

These pull handles have visible screws.

There are pull handles available for single and double doors. You can also get pull handles for sliding doors or pocket doors. These doors operate from the side, not outwards and backward. These doors are ideal for small rooms and can be opened with either flush pull or ring pull handles.

Flush pull handles are recessed in sliding doors. This allows them to glide past each other easily. Ring pull handles can be operated by pulling on the rings, which will open the door. Both pull handles provide a firm grip for sliding doors.


Door knobs can be referred to as round handles that rotate anti-clockwise or clockwise to open doors. These knobs are used primarily for internal doors and can be replaced by lever handles. You can also use center knobs to close entrance doors from the outside. There are many types of doorknobs available, including:

Dummy Doorknobs

This doorknob does not need to be turned to operate; it can simply be pulled to open the door. This type of knob is used primarily on wardrobe doors and cabinet doors.

Passage Doorknobs

These knobs can be used in hallways and rooms that don’t need privacy. These knobs have a latch that opens the door by rotating the handle.

Privacy Doorknobs

This knob is ideal for bedroom and bathroom doors. It has a twist lock that only works from one side. They can also be unlocked from outside in an emergency.

Keyed Entry Knobs For Doors

These knobs can be used in any room that you need to be protected.

There are many styles, finishes, and designs available for doorknobs.

Door Levers Vs Doorknobs

It is common to wonder if you should choose door knobs or levers when choosing door handles for your house. While both doors handles add beauty to any home or office they also have their drawbacks.

Door knobs can be used in a variety of ways. These door handles are less grippable than lever handles and can therefore be more difficult for children and the elderly to use.

Door levers are more convenient for the user because they can be operated with one hand (even with your elbow while you’re carrying groceries home). These door handles offer a wider range of options in terms of backplates and technology. Some door handles can be operated with a digital lock such as the Union digital lock. Lever handles have a few limitations. Because of their shape, loose clothes can get caught on them. And, because the springs that hold the lever require more maintenance, they might be less durable than doorknobs.