Cbd oil strength- Which concentration should we choose?

It can be difficult finding the right cbd strength for you, especially with brands defining the benefits of cbd based on their potency.

What does that mean? Cbd oil may not be as effective because people use it for different purposes.

The differences in cbd

Cbd oils will focus on high quality cbd oils. Higher cbd strengths generally mean lower cbd prices per mg. We do have some lower-strength cbd products including 25 mg gummies but we also stock 10 mg honey sticks. These are because we offer a wide range of cbd products to suit all cbd users.

Here are some questions to consider when deciding on the cbd strength that will best suit your needs.

How different delivery methods influence cbd strength?

Cbd comes as a variety of forms, including oils and gummies, gélules cbd or honey sticks, as well as pet products.

Cbd’s delivery system can have a profound effect on its strengths.

Cbd can be taken orally, sublingually, inhaled, orally. Cbd must be broken into small pieces before it is released into bloodstream. The bioavailability of the product is determined by how much cbd your body can use once it has been broken down in the liver.

Here’s a brief explanation about how cbd oil can be made stronger by using different methods.

Oral consumption

Swallowing cbd, whether in gummies or honey sticks, has the lowest bioavailability. Because it passes through your stomach before entering the bloodstream, oral cbd can provide steady, long-lasting results for people who are looking for a consistent and reliable source of cbd. This is because it lasts as long as 8 hours.

Sublingual use refers specifically to cbd oils, spray, and other products. Cbd is absorbed by the mucous membranes when applied under the skin. It can be held for between 30 and 60 seconds before being swallowed. Sublingual products are faster to absorb than oral forms and will last up to 6 hours.


The best way to inhale is through smoking or vaping. Your lungs have many blood vessels which absorb gases. Although this produces a stronger effect, it is usually shorter-lasting, with a duration of up to 4 hours.

Topical applications

The formula you use determines the bioavailability for topical cbd products. While standard topicals such a lotions or creams are not able to absorb into the bloodstream, it is possible to still reap the benefits of using topical applications.

Cbd transdermal products use a completely different mechanism of action. The cbd can slowly move through your skin to reach the bloodstream. It could be the strongest delivery method.

What cbd-oil strength should I use?

Even though we’d love a quick answer, the decision to use cbd for you may be more complex. Cbd research is still at an infancy stage. There are still some things you could do to find out if cbd will work for you.

It’s your weight that matters for the strength of cbd oil

This holds true for any health supplement you take. Our cbd oils for pets are half as powerful as our low-strength, 1200 mg cbd oil. A stronger cbd strength is recommended for big users who have a lot of appetite.