Trendy commercial floor mats for hotels

Different rooms can be found in different hotels depending on their purpose. Different floor mats will be required for different purposes. The best floor mat will make a difference. It can improve productivity and customer experience, as well.

Commercial floor mats come in a variety of styles and colors.

This solution will reduce the possibility of slips or falls within the facility. They look great and leave an impression. Ultimate mats can supply customized logo floor mats. These mats will double as protection for your facility. They also promote the name and logo of your company.

You can make your hotel more personal with high-quality, trending floor mats.

Wet floor mats

It is possible for indoor and outdoor pool areas to get very, very wet. To prevent slips or falls from guests entering and leaving the pool, extra precautions should be taken. The upper surface of wet mats can be water-resistant and slip-resistant. Wet floor tiles can also have drainage holes so that they can be used in areas like the laundry or spa.

Scraper mats

Scraper mats are made using hard fiber. These mats are durable and can withstand the high foot traffic. Scraper mats can clean out shoes of dirt, mud and grime. The backing is made of strong materials that are resistant and can withstand fading, curling and cracking from the harsh outdoor environment. You can customize them with your hotel’s logo and name to raise brand awareness.

Grease resistant mats

Water-resistant floors mats won’t with stand oils substances found within hotel kitchens. Grease-resistant carpets resist slippage, are oil-absorbent, durable, and last a long time. If oil is spilled from one area of the carpet, all other areas are protected.

Classic embroider mats

Logo mats have high-quality images that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the flooring. The images can also be customized in shape and size. A special message can be conveyed by the logo. Place your logo onto luxury floor mats in the hotel lobby.

Green mats

The hospitality sector was the first industry that used sustainable products and cleaning technologies. These hotels are large buyers of durable and recycled mats. Your commitment is shown by the use of green logo mats in your hotel.

The floor mat is not what it seems, but an opportunity.

First impressions don’t last very long so make sure to include the logo in your commercial mats. A floor can be an effective tool for advertising. Customers are programmed to not only look around but also to tread carefully. This gives you an opportunity to convey your brand message and make the customer feel happy. Work with the top logo mat provider in the matting industry to make your business stand out!


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