Easy Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Household chores are rarely more rewarding than regular air conditioner maintenance.

A well-maintained AC unit is more efficient, less expensive to run, and consumes less energy. Best of all: A properly maintained system has a shorter lifespan and fewer breakdowns.

How to Maintain Your Air Conditioner

Some routine air conditioner maintenance tasks can be done by homeowners. However, it is best to leave the repairs and technical assessments to professionals who are licensed and properly trained.

Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help if you are unable to do any of the tasks listed below.

Be sure to follow safety precautions, even if you’re handling some maintenance. Make sure to turn off all electrical outlets before you start work on your outdoor unit.

These are your tips!

1. Thermostats are worth a closer look

This is the easiest task to do for your air conditioner maintenance. This is a quick way to check that your thermostat works correctly and maintains the proper temperature in your home.

Smart thermostats let you adjust the temperature for when someone is not home. They don’t have to turn the air conditioner on or off. It can cool down the house 30 minutes before people arrive home for the evening.

This will ensure you have a comfortable home. This will save you money and energy.

To maximize savings, get a smart thermostat. Smart thermostats monitor your energy use and provide reports. The smart thermostat will monitor your energy use and report it to you. You can then set cooling schedules each day and save money.

2. Air Filters can be replaced or cleaned

The most important maintenance task for your air conditioner is to replace the filter or clean it if it has a disposable filter. Do it once every month in high-use periods (such as summer and winter) or once per year in the fall, spring and autumn.

3. Clean the Outside Unit

As time passes, leaves, dirt, grass clippings, and other debris build up on the outside of the air conditioner unit. This decreases the system’s capacity and reduces airflow. It is also why maintaining the outside unit is so crucial.

Turn off the power source to the unit. This can be done either at the outdoor service disconnect or at the home’s main circuit breaker panel.

To wash the debris out, you can use a garden hose. Start at the top by holding the garden hose at approximately a 45-degree angle. Work your way down.

A power washer is not recommended as it could damage the unit. The coil’s delicate fins must be protected from any damage.

An air conditioner compressor’s aluminum cooling fins should be straight to allow the unit to cool effectively. If yours is bent, we have a simple solution for a common problem.

While you’re cleaning up and making minor repairs on your outdoor unit, be sure to trim any shrubs around the air conditioner. This will help prevent airflow obstructions from blocking the unit’s airflow.

4. Check Wiring Diagrams and Components

Your air conditioners internal wiring is crucial for its operation. Knowing the details of these connections could cause inefficient cooling to cost you more. Therefore, you must inspect the outdoor unit’s wiring at a minimum once a year.

Call for professional A/C maintenance

It is possible to maintain your air conditioner during the hottest parts of summer by doing regular maintenance. You will also be able to save time and money.

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Professional air conditioner tune-ups should be done twice a calendar year, once for heating and once to cool. Your furnace should always be checked before winter, and your AC unit should be checked during the summer.


These regular check-ups will ensure your air conditioner is operating at its peak performance.