Know Everything About Septum Piercing with Complete Preparation Before Getting It Done

Septum piercing has a rich cultural heritage background and it is currently a hot styling factor among celebrities and common people too. Not only it looks amazing, but the huge varieties of stunning jewelry make septum piercing look amazing.

At Body Pierce Jewelry, you will not only get stylish rings but long-lasting and extremely durable septum jewelry too. You can settle for a traditional ring or a modern clicker so that you can easily put on the jewelry and take it off. You will get versatile well-crafted designs of septum piercing jewelry at a low price that you can ornate to suit your fashion choices.

Before you go for a septum jewelry piercing, you need to know everything that happens before and after the procedure. It is better to know about the pain, styling, healing process, aftercare, and shopping for septum jewelry.

How much does it pain?

A septum piercing goes through your nasal septum, the region between your nostrils. This thin skin between the cartilage and the tip of the septum is known as the ‘sweet spot’ among the piercers. The needle is inserted through this sweet spot and the jewelry is put in place.

Piercing is fast and done with sharp tools so the pain is less and is just like a strong pinch. If the piercer misses the right spot and pierces into the cartilage then it might hurt more.

Kind of jewelry that you can wear

  • The type of jewelry you choose depends on your style and preferences.
  • Immediately after getting the piercing done, chances are that your piercer might put a captive bead ring or a circular barbell in there till the healing is done.
  • Once your healing is done, you can choose beautiful and durable septum jewelry from a reputed source like Body Pierce Jewelry who offers services worldwide through their online platform.
  • Clicker jewelry pieces are easy to use and they come in a huge number of styles from sleek and simple to elegant and elaborate.
  • Seamless and segment rings are also popular that gives a sleek look and are easier to change on your own.

How long does it take to heal?

  • If the septum piercing is done the right way through the sweet spot, then it takes a minimum of 4-8 weeks to heal.
  • Clean your piercing with saltwater or some good saline solution sprays every day
  • Avoid using soap in that area
  • Some white discharge is normal but if there is yellow or green pus then your piercing might be getting infected
  • Avoid changing the jewelry during the healing period as it might lead to swelling, irritation, and other complications.
  • The best would be if you can go to the piercer and ask them to change the jewelry for you.

Septum piercing is unique as it adds a little edge but is also feminine and charming at the same time. Get yourself prepared with the knowledge of how to take care of it. Get loads of septum jewelry styles and make your septum piercing a style statement.