7 bra styles every woman should have

We all have our favorites and we rarely buy new bras unless we are wearing them for an extremely special occasion. Understanding the 7 types of bras will help you choose the correct shapewear and foundation garments for each outfit.

Did you ever avoid wearing a certain outfit because you didn’t own the right bra?

This list includes all types of bras that you need, regardless of whether you are a school mom for whom glamour is not a high priority or a fashionista who wants to add chic and sophisticated pieces to your wardrobe.

  1. Sports bra

A sports bra is essential for women who engage in vigorous physical activity. This bra provides support and eliminates discomfort when you exercise. This bra can help prevent sagging and premature aging.

  1. Push-up Bra

The bra features padding or gel inserts in its lower half, which lifts and adds volume to your breasts. This bra is for maximum impact. It helps to create symmetry and adds fullness to your bust. This made push-up bras a mainstream choice. A push-up bra is suitable for all women, but it’s particularly effective for smaller breasts.

  1. Padded Bra

These bras can be used to enhance cleavage, or increase fullness and symmetry. The bras are extremely comfortable, and the cups can be molded to give them a seamless appearance. You have the option of wire free bras or underwired Bras depending on how much support you need. A non-wired bra can provide all-day comfort but they don’t suit larger busts.

  1. Strapless Bra

A strapless bra, as the name implies, is made without shoulder straps. This bra is great for wearing with halter tops, Bardot’s, and off-the-shoulder outfits. It tends to be underwired to hold the cups in place. There are many options available for larger busted women. For maximum support and comfort, opt for a larger cup and three-hook back fastening if your bust is above a size D.

  1. Bra with no back

Do you have a few backless dresses in your closet? A backless bra is a great way to complement your gowns. These bras are made of silicone and self-adhesive, so they can be worn with ultra-light, satin, backless, or see-through dresses.

  1. Bralettes with T-Shirts

We all have a T-shirt bra. It’s probably the first bra you ever owned. If you prefer a seamless, smooth look under tight fittings or thin fabrics, these bras are essential. T-shirt bras can be worn in almost every color, just like padded bras. These bras can be underwired or lightly padded and can be worn every day. They are essential for every lingerie drawer. To complement your everyday outfits, choose cotton t-shirt bras with lace detailing or cute prints.

  1. Convertible and multiway bras

This bra is the best option if you don’t want to have to buy multiple bras. These bras are also known as multiway or convertible. They have adjustable straps that can be converted into halter, racer-back, or halter configurations. This bra is the perfect all-in-one piece lingerie. Clear straps are a must since you might need the security of shoulder straps underneath a dress or top that is off the shoulder.

We hope you found this information helpful and that it has helped you make the right decision when shopping online or in-store. Debras has a complete returns policy. You can test your bra at home and return it or exchange it for a better one.