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How Can You Maintain the Hot Water System and Extend Its Life?

There cannot be a more frustrating situation when during the peak winter season, you find that there is no hot water supply. You are in your towel and cannot come out of your bathroom to see whether there is water supply in other bathrooms.

Of course, you can take help of any emergency service from Wilco Plumbing by calling a plumber Castle Hill who is always ready to offer their service, whenever you call. However, it is always not a very pleasant thing to call for emergency service.

Can you not try to learn a bit about the basic maintenance of your plumbing system? While different types of hot water systems require different maintenance, solar units, the storage type of gas hot water systems, and heat pumps all require some basic maintenance every six months for extending the hot water system’s life.

Examine the tank

Check for any danger indications before touching your hot water system. Look for puddles, drips, or any other symptoms of a leak while inspecting the hot water system. On the outside of the tank, inspect for rust or cracks.

It’s critical to have a plumber analyse these issues to see whether they can be repaired or if a new hot water system is required.

Check the colour of your burner flame on the gas hot water system. It’s supposed to be blue. If it’s predominantly orange/yellow, then the heating element isn’t working properly and has to be adjusted or replaced.

Valves that relieve pressure (every 6 months). The pressure in the tank is bled out using these valves. If it sticks, the pressure in your tank may build-up to the point where it explodes. There is generally a label, but the location of the relief valves may be found in the water heater’s user handbook.

To check the valve, manually open it by lifting your lever until the water runs clear, then hold it open for 3-4 seconds. If no water comes out when you pull the lever, the valve is closed and a certain plumber will be needed for servicing the hot water system. In case, hot water flows freely from the valves, they are in good working order and no additional action is required.

How can you extend the lifespan of your gas-heated water system?

By promptly responding to any difficulties that may occur, such as intermittent heat, and performing routine maintenance, you can double the life of the gas hot water system. Because electric systems usually do not have any flame, we recommend maintaining the gas hot water system at least once a year and your electric hot water system after every 3-5 years.

We propose regular servicing to examine the anode rod for extending the life of the hot water system. The anode rod draws minerals and contaminants in the water, converting them to sediment and protecting the system from corrosion.

It is difficult to repair the Annode if it breaks down, and this can shorten the life of the hot water system. This is something a plumbing service can do for you as a part of the