How CBD Helps To Lower Blood Pressure?

CBD or cannabidiol products are a plant-based alternative to specific manufactured drugs associated with awful side effects. Research and studies have reported the potential benefits of CBD in getting relief from pain and inflammation as well as reduce anxiety symptoms. Current studies suggest that CBD is effective in reducing blood pressure.

More than 45% of adults in the US have hypertension and are taking medicines. Out of 4, just 1 adult has their hypertension under control. The reports about CBDs’ potential to reduce blood pressure have increased the hopes of people. Let’s understand how CBD works with dampening blood pressure levels.

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What’s high blood pressure?

It is a force exerted on arterial walls when blood pumps across the body. High blood pressure is a measurable sign that measures the pressure level rising and falling across the day. It is based on your body’s response to environmental, physical, and emotional spurs. It even depends on your arterial flexibility and diameter.

Small fluctuations are normal but if the pressure level stays high consistently above the normal range, it is a concern. This condition is called hypertension and can lead to chronic cardiovascular complications like heart attack, heart issues, stroke, or even aneurysm. With age, this condition worsens, so blood pressure needs serious care and treatment. With consistent HBP, vessels can get damaged with the constant onslaught. HBP increases with an increase in tobacco usage, salt intake, stress, anxiety, insomnia, and diabetes.

How CBD affects blood pressure?

CBD is a legal and safe compound than its counterpart THC [tetrahydrocannbinol]. CBD has gained impetus in the health & wellness sector because of its non-psychoactive properties along with its promising internal system interaction benefits. The human body has ECS or endocannabinoid system that regulates multiple bodily functions like stress, sleep, pain response, and mood. In the ECS system, CBD connects with CB1 & CB2 receptors and activates TRPV1 receptors that control pain, inflammation, and body temperature.

CBD lowers HBP via dilating blood vessels that allow blood flow with ease thus reducing the pressure needed for the blood to circulate. Some theories explain how CBD dilates blood vessels.

  • CBD relaxes the arterial wall allowing a vasodilation process that relieves the pressure on the arterial muscular walls. Higher arterial constriction can lead to a low blood flow rate and vascular resistance can lead to an increase in pressure on the walls causing hypertension. Thus CBD plays the role of a natural vasodilator.
  • Anxiety is also liable for HBP as it increases heart rate. An anxious state puts stress on the body and it starts producing cortisol, which impacts blood pressure. CBD regulates cortisol levels thus help in decreasing blood pressure. CBD increases the serotonin level through brain receptor interaction and regulates mood.
  • Hemodynamic is an action associated with heart pumping. If it gets flawed then normal blood flow is disturbed, which puts pressure on the arterial wall. CBD is an efficient hemodynamic regulator as it helps to keep a steady blood flow rate to the heart thus preventing spikes of HBP in stressful situations.

Never self-medicate for high blood pressure but discuss this clearly with your physician to ensure that your existing medications are reviewed and proper CBD dosage is recommended.